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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about SHOPMOMs. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us.

What can I expect from a meeting?
At the beginning of each meeting there is a bit of free time to meet new Mothers of Multiples (MOMs), catch up with friends and socialize while enjoying dinner, snack, treat or beverage purchased at Panera Bread. The meetings typically begin with introductions, if we have new members, where you get a chance to share when you're due or how old your multiples are, what kind you have, and where you live. Then we sit down and hear about any club business that needs to be mentioned before we enjoy our featured activity for the evening which is typically a speaker pertinent to our lives with multiples, or other helpful parenting topics such as vacation planning, organization tips, etc.

Why should I join SHOPMOMs?
Raising multiples is a unique and sometimes overwhelming experience. Our supportive community helps minimize the stress and maximize the joy of having multiples. It is different from raising one child at a time, and it helps immensely to have support from other mothers who understand what that means. Specific benefits of the club include a members-only online community, general meetings with various topics (frequently with a guest speaker), family events, MOMs Events, and the opportunity to meet other MOMs who get what you’re going through.

I am expecting multiples (twins, triplets or higher order) but they are not born yet. Can I still get involved?
Absolutely! Expectant members are encouraged to get involved with the club early! Becoming involved as an expectant mom will help answer questions and alleviate fears about the birth and parenting of infant multiples.

How much is membership?
Annual dues for new members and renewing members are $35 which includes membership in the South Hills of Pittsburgh Mothers of Multiples club, as well as the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Inc. (Also known as Multiples of America).

Can I bring my babies/children to the monthly meetings?
SHOPMOM meetings are intended to be a break for mothers to get out and enjoy camaraderie and emotional support. Sleeping and breast-feeding infants occasionally accompany mothers however, generally infants and children do not attend the monthly meetings. Playgroups and family/children activities are planned throughout the year formally and informally.

Are there activities for my children?
Member initiated playgroups are scheduled based on interest. These are held at various locations including people's homes, area parks and playgrounds, children's concerts, indoor children's gyms, nature museums, stroller trails, and perennial favorites such as farms, the zoo, and seasonal festivals. In addition, three large family events are held each year - a Summer Picnic, Halloween Party, and Christmas Party with special guest - Santa Claus.

What keeps SHOPMOMs going?
SHOPMOMs is a volunteer organization and has no paid staff. The club is what we, as members, make of it. If no one volunteers to chair a particular program, that program ceases to exist. Besides being essential to the club, volunteering is fun and a great way to meet people. Sometimes it can be a great opportunity to contribute to a worthy cause and feel productive at home, or a way to include the kids and the family. Often, new families of multiples are overwhelmed in the first year or two, but are then able to give back as their multiples get older. To learn more about opportunities to volunteer, participate, & contribute to the club, please contact us with your interests and/or availability.



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